Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Finds - Supplies

Happy Friday, friends! We made it through another week. For a lot of us, school starts on Tuesday, either for ourselves or for our children. Dance also starts up again. So this weekend is the last chance to get in all the summer fun you can. My son and I will be headed to the MN State Fair to take in the Animals, food, rides and vendors. I will be armed with business cards to pass out if I see crochet vendors out there.

So, today I thought I would focus on supplies you can buy on Etsy for your own Etsy shop. I'm thinking of de-stashing my DMC floss. Thinking.

The first supply shop I came across is Jennifer's Jewels ( who makes quality labels for your handmade goodies, such as clothing labels, size labels.

I would go to Phoenix Farm Fiber ( just to look at the cute animal pictures they have. They sell yarn, unwashed wool,  hand-dyed wool. So if you are a spinner and like to do a project from start to finish (literally) and want wool from the animal, this is your place to shop.

Two of a Kind Supplies ( has anything and everything you could want. Need zippers? She has that. Need wine corks? Yep. How about shipping boxes? Oh yeah. Stop by and see what you can get for discounted prices.

And we can't forget office supplies. Trayart Collection ( has unique office supplies, such as a high heel tape dispenser.

Wood slices, wooden pallets. Go nuts in your search. There are also shops that will make an Etsy Banner, avatar, logo for you. They will make business card templates.

Just another reason to love Etsy. If you want it, chances are Etsy has it.

Have a great and safe weekend. Call a sober cab if you are drinking.


  1. I love supplies, and Etsy shops definitely offer a great selection. I've been trying to buy more items from other Etsy sellers.

    About your possible destashing: Since my shop revolves around DMC floss, I could never ever ever get rid of mine! Let me know if you do decide to part with your DMC. :)

  2. I will think on that. Trouble is, I have all this plastic canvas, too, that I'm no longer using in the Flip-Furs. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with that, either. There are some nice patterns out there and some use yarn, some floss.