Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Giveaway time - or almost

I have 931 fans on my business Facebook page. When I reach 1000 fans, I will have a giveaway for one of my fabulous ruffle scarves.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Today is Sunday, which means it is Shameless Self Promotion Sunday on Twitter. If you have a shop, a blog, a FB page or anything else you wish to promote - today is the day. I will be taking to Twitter today to promote Zibbet and my shop. I retweet all Zibbet posts that I find. Be sure to include #ssps in all your posts and if you have a Zibbet shop, include #Zibbet in all your tweets. I will be sure to retweet them today as best I can.

Today's first act of SSPS is my set of 100% cotton washcloths. These are hand crocheted using 100% USA grown cotton. This listing is a set of 2 washcloths. And if you purchase today, you will receive a free gift!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy News

I am so happy to announce that the physical location of Jen's Tangled Threads will be moving! I have put in an offer on a house, and it was accepted! I am so excited! This just makes me want to get things going on the blog and with the shop.

In looking at my shop, things are successful in some ways. I am proud to say that my items are being featured in two shops in my hometown on consignment. I sell regularly to people I work with and to family. However, I need to build up my sales on my Zibbet site. I am hoping that regular posts from this blog with help with that.

I also have TwitterFacebook and Pinterest accounts. Through these I hope to bring more visitors to my Zibbet page and blog.

So I pose this question to my friends - How do you make your blog successful? Do these translate into success with your other webpages? I invite you to share your experiences.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday's Featured Seller - Sweet Freedom

Today's featured seller is Sweet Freedom ( She makes beautiful jewelry and sells on Zibbet.

Pink Brown Earrings Jasper Gemstone Crystal

How did you get started on Zibbet? Where did your shop name come from?

Before I began designing jewelry full time in 2007, I had worked for many years in a corporate job that stifled my creativity, and was a really bad fit for me. I finally decided to leave that environment and do what I wanted to do, and "Sweet Freedom Designs" was born of the instant freedom I felt!

I sold online for years on another venue, but after a series of small "creative differences" with its management, push came to shove in October, 2013, when that venue decided to "redefine handmade" in a way that I could not support or be party to. Zibbet seemed like a good fit, so here I am!

You have beautiful jewelry. Where do you get your inspiration for them?

Thanks! I find inspiration in different places:
Colors: either the colors of the beads I'm working with, or colors I've spotted somewhere around me.
Textures: I love creating complicated statement pieces, like, where I was inspired by both the colors AND the textures in the raku cabochon, and paired soft green eyelash yarn with the hard, volcanic appearance and feel of the raku; and, where I heated the copper to make it soft, curled and folded it, then placed soft copper mesh inside as a counterpoint. I like playing with different textures, and with unexpected textures. And it's fun to take beads and actually CREATE textures with them, like this necklace:
Shapes and Patterns: I love playing with different shapes and patterns, like the stars in this design: and the Greek Keys in this bracelet:; and, of course, Hearts - I have always been fascinated with hearts, and they find their way into a lot of my designs.

Greek Key Bracelet, Purple Pink Cuff, Handwoven Geometric Handmade

Who are your favorite suppliers? I go to gem shows a couple of times a year, and purchase from various vendors. I like to hand pick my beads and findings (if I don't make them myself), so I rarely purchase supplies online, although I have cultivated friendships with a couple of extremely talented lampwork and raku artisans over the years, and often use their beads and cabochons in my designs.

I make a lot of my own beads, findings, and components, everything from enameled beads and findings to metal pieces to dichroic glass to beadwoven toggles and beads - it's fun to be able to create the perfect piece you need for a design! My handmade jewelry supplies are available on Zibbet, too:

What is the secret to your pictures?

I have a popup light tent with 3 powerful photography spotlights (purchased years ago on eBay) - I use this for ALL my pictures unless I am photographing a piece on my life size mannequin (since she won't fit in the light tent). I have spent hours online reading and trying different tips for photos, and am still learning! I use the macro and supermacro settings on my camera, and take multiple shots of each pic, varying the exposure up and down to ensure (hopefully) that when I get to the editing phase, I'll have the right light for each shot. I probably take 45 to 50 shots, minimum, for each listing. I used to take a lot more, until I discovered the white balance menu (and how to use it) on the camera - this has allowed me to get the pretty white backgrounds I prefer, which previously had always looked either grey or yellow.

Purple Lavender Enamel Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

Do you take custom orders? I do a LOT of custom work in my B&M bead shop, where I also sell my jewelry. It's so easy to walk around the shop with the customer, and choose beads, findings, etc, and talk about the desired result, get measurements, and gauge expectations.

Do you sell outside of Zibbet? If so, Where? I sell at my B&M bead shop (YaYa Beads, Augusta GA)

Any last words for the reading audience? (ie, words of wisdom for a new crafter/seller, anything you want to say about your products)

My designs tend to one of a kind; I enjoy making statement pieces, and purchase (or make) my unusual focal pieces individually, so my designs don't lend themselves to being recreated. I design for myself, and I don't really think I have one particular style. I don't think I could be happy creating multiple copies of a design - I get bored too easily! My design philosophy is "make what you like; if you don't like what you're doing, move on!"

Thanks for taking the time to sit down and answer our questions. You can find Sweet Freedom and her wonderful jewelry at

Monday, February 3, 2014

Brand New Monday

This weekend has been busy around Zibbet. A lot of new listings, new shops and new friends. Let's get started, shall we?

Purple Cats Eye Rosaries
Our first feature is this lovely rosary from Shelly's Rosaries ( These beautiful cats eye beads add an elegance to the rosary.

Black and White Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf
This beautiful black and white chunky infinity scarf comes from Whimsy by Amanda (

Tawny Oak Rayon Chenille Knit Little Gift Bag Set of 2 Sizes

These gorgeous bags are from Knits N More (

Italian Leather and Map Journal
This old world journal comes from The Altered Diaries (

Set of 12 Dalmatian Cupcake Toppers
My friend, Beth, has done it again in the cuteness. These cupcake toppers can be found at her shop, Bethie's Cards (

These are just a few of the many things listed this weekend. Stop by to see more.