Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shop Makeover!

What do you think? You like? I've gone a purple. I can't wait to order new shop supplies. I have ideas!!!!

That being said, I need some sales here. Though, I probably should be taking advantage of the slow time to fix the Flip-Furs I have. I have an idea on how to make them better. We shall see this weekend if it works.

Today is also Thrifty Thursday. Let's go see who has sales going on.

Maria from NeedleCraftNook ( is having free shipping through tomorrow (8/31) on select items. She makes adorable hair accessories and other oddities, like capelets.

The Gentle Jackalope ( is having a 25% off sale through September 3. She makes inexpensive jewelry. Use Coupon Code SAVE25

Marilyn at BeachSea Crafts ( is having a Labor Day sale - 20% off good through Monday (9/3). Use coupon code 20SAVE.  Marilyn makes beautiful items from the fruits of the sea.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I am in the midst with a shop makeover and a design room makeover. I have some great ideas for new items, but they are going to be very detailed and take a lot of time. Which has be mulling over possible pricing.

    Thanks for listing sales going on a different shops on Etsy!

  2. I know where you are at. I have ideas about new products, too, and wondering how much I should charge for said items. Good luck with your makeover!