Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Finds - Supplies

Happy Friday, friends! We made it through another week. For a lot of us, school starts on Tuesday, either for ourselves or for our children. Dance also starts up again. So this weekend is the last chance to get in all the summer fun you can. My son and I will be headed to the MN State Fair to take in the Animals, food, rides and vendors. I will be armed with business cards to pass out if I see crochet vendors out there.

So, today I thought I would focus on supplies you can buy on Etsy for your own Etsy shop. I'm thinking of de-stashing my DMC floss. Thinking.

The first supply shop I came across is Jennifer's Jewels ( who makes quality labels for your handmade goodies, such as clothing labels, size labels.

I would go to Phoenix Farm Fiber ( just to look at the cute animal pictures they have. They sell yarn, unwashed wool,  hand-dyed wool. So if you are a spinner and like to do a project from start to finish (literally) and want wool from the animal, this is your place to shop.

Two of a Kind Supplies ( has anything and everything you could want. Need zippers? She has that. Need wine corks? Yep. How about shipping boxes? Oh yeah. Stop by and see what you can get for discounted prices.

And we can't forget office supplies. Trayart Collection ( has unique office supplies, such as a high heel tape dispenser.

Wood slices, wooden pallets. Go nuts in your search. There are also shops that will make an Etsy Banner, avatar, logo for you. They will make business card templates.

Just another reason to love Etsy. If you want it, chances are Etsy has it.

Have a great and safe weekend. Call a sober cab if you are drinking.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shop Makeover!

What do you think? You like? I've gone a purple. I can't wait to order new shop supplies. I have ideas!!!!

That being said, I need some sales here. Though, I probably should be taking advantage of the slow time to fix the Flip-Furs I have. I have an idea on how to make them better. We shall see this weekend if it works.

Today is also Thrifty Thursday. Let's go see who has sales going on.

Maria from NeedleCraftNook ( is having free shipping through tomorrow (8/31) on select items. She makes adorable hair accessories and other oddities, like capelets.

The Gentle Jackalope ( is having a 25% off sale through September 3. She makes inexpensive jewelry. Use Coupon Code SAVE25

Marilyn at BeachSea Crafts ( is having a Labor Day sale - 20% off good through Monday (9/3). Use coupon code 20SAVE.  Marilyn makes beautiful items from the fruits of the sea.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Option on Etsy

Happy Wednesday, friends. Hope everyone is having a good week.

I am pleased to announce that in addition to all the changes and updates to the listings on my shop, I am also part of a test group that will allow buyers to select color and size. So, I have listed all the color combinations for Flip-Furs that I currently have available. While I can't upload pictures of all the color combinations to this one listing, you can still feel free to browse through the shop looking at the new colors. You can see the new listing here:

Let me know what you think. Does it work for you?

I'm also exploring the shipping options for international orders. Right now, if I offer the same services I offer with domestic orders (Priority flat rate with delivery confirmation), the shipping will cost more than the actual item. Is it worth it? I will let my readers decide. I have already posed the question on the forums. One person suggested I put in the listing description that I do offer international shipping - just send a message for rates. So I'm curious what a buyer would actually like to see. Tracking information is the killer in this price. Suggestions?

I will be experimenting with Flip-Furs in the next couple weeks, hoping to make them better than ever.

A lot of changes coming to the shop. I'm hoping to have them all done by mid-September, then I will finish the stocking I'm working on. I also am planning on offering more items for the home, namely towels, pot scrubbies, more doily designs and I will be bringing back the shawls. Can't hurt, can it?

Have a great rest of the week!

Hoping for Sales

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Middle School

So, my son starts middle school this year. I'm a little worried, I won't lie. He's smaller than a lot of his classmates, including the males. And it is a big school. He's walking across the school for a few classes. So, here's hoping for a good year.

He is excited, though. He gets to take Band, which will be a new experience, but is very popular in our school district. He will be playing the trombone. It is said a child who has band or music in his life excells more than a student who doesn't, because band helps a certain part of the brain process logical and analytical problems. Well, in that case, he should be doubly ahead of the curve because of dance. He's been dancing since he was 3 and loves it.

Orientation was a waste in my opinion, though. Of course, part of that might have been that we were at the make-up session, and none of the teachers were there. But, we got his schedule and locker assignment. The schedule is hard for a parent to read. How do they expect a child to read it? So, being the good mommy I am, I retyped his schedule. Part of the problem is he has Day 1 classes and day 2 classes. Some of them are the same, but some of them meet for 2 hours on day 1, but only 1 hour on day 2.

When we picked up his schedule, he wasn't in any of the advanced classes the district had said he would be in. So I went into the counselors office and my son's counselor is very nice and understanding. He double checked the records and changed the schedule. Everything is beautiful in the world.

So, this week, my son will be going to the middle school and practicing his schedule and locker combo. Next week school starts and dance starts and my life becomes hectically normal again. I hope to post a treasury later today. I am also carefully going through the my listings and tweaking them. Hoping to get more views at least. Really hoping for sales.

Hoping for Sales

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrifty Thursday and an Etsy success story

Today not only am I promoting a sale, but I'm promoting a sale because of an Etsy success story. Julie Ann has quit her day job to focus on Etsy full-time. Congrats to her! As a result, she is having 25% off sale with coupon code HELLYEAH! Her shop is at She makes cute cards. Some of these cards you do not want to show your mother, but they would be fun to get.

Visit her blog at

Congrats Julie Ann!!

Goodbye Card. Congratulations On The New Job Card. Coworker Card. Congrats On Getting Out Of This Dump. Blank Folded Card.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A little about my journey

I thought today I would share with you the journey I am on right now. Over the past year, I have gained a lot of weight. Some of it was because of my medication, but a lot of it has to do with my lack of willpower. I tried dieting, eating just salads at lunch, eating lean cuisines. And I was always hungry, so of course, when I got home, I would gorge. I wasn't exercising because I was afraid of hurting myself. I had a stress fracture earlier this year, and it took forever to heal. I still have issues with it from time to time.

Then, I made the decision to join Jenny Craig. I love the structure of it. They set up my meals and snacks. Which worked when I only had myself to worry about. My son is coming home, and I have to feed him as well, so my entire grocery budget can't go towards Jenny. But, here are some tricks I'm taking with me as I start to buy my own meals.

1. Exercise. I don't mean the whole join a gym and take an aerobics class 5 days a week. Of course, if you are into that, go ahead. But, I walk. You don't need a gym. I walk in the morning when I get up. Yes, I've had to get up half an hour earlier, but I have to start getting up an hour earlier than that after Labor Day. I walk for 15 minutes outside. It wakes me up, clears the lungs and it isn't going to leave me drained for the rest of the day. I then try to walk at lunch time, again for 15 minutes. I make sure I have comfortable shoes with me at work and I leave in the beginning of my lunch break. This breaks up my day so I'm not sitting for 8 hours. Then, when I go home, I walk on the treadmill for about 30 minutes while watching tv. There. I just walked for an hour and burned calories. It doesn't take a lot if you are just trying to get into an exercise routine. Start small. Don't have 30 minutes a day to work out - do what I did and break it up.

2. Non-starchy veggies are your best friend. Celery, carrots, pea pods, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower. The list goes on and on. You can have these all the time. They are high in fiber and all sorts of good vitamins. Celery by itself burns more calories chewing it than you intake eating it. Corn, peas, potatoes, yams - these are considered starches. I have a salad with my lunch entree. Just a bagged, romaine mix with a little fat-free dressing and half a cucumber. Cucumbers are free. Note I said, with my entree, whether a Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, etc. The salad helps fill in the little pockets in your stomach the entree doesn't. I also have at least a cup of veggies with my dinner entree, even if it comes with veggies. Steamed asparagus spears are my favorite. And they come in steamer bags. On my way home from work, I munch on a snack sized baggie of carrots. It helps curb the hunger so I can workout when I get home.

3. Water. You need to drink it. I am one of the worst offenders - I can't drink plain water first thing in the morning because it upsets my stomach. I can't stand artificial sweeteners, so any soft drinks I drink have the high fructose corn syrup. But, I discovered Mio water enhancers. Yes, it has artificial sweeteners in it, but if you don't use a lot, you can't taste it. Just gives the water a little kick. I've gone from 2 bottles of water (if that) to at least 4 a day. And I got myself a pretty little Longaberger water bottle to carry around.

With these 3 tricks, I have lost 10 pounds in less than a month. I'm looking forward to the next 10 pounds.

Hoping for Sales

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Treasury Tuesday

How's your week going? So far, so good for me. I have walked off 10 pounds in less than a month. I know! I'm eating smarter and I make sure I walk about 60 minutes a day. Not all at once, of course. I do have a life (yeah right!). But I walk 15 minutes in the morning when I get up, then 15 minutes at lunch, then 30 minutes on the treadmill after work. Broken up, it really isn't that bad.

The Boy Child (as I affectionately refer to him sometimes) will be home in less than a week! So excited for that. I swear, the summers get longer and longer. Really, they don't, because he spends less time at his dad's every year, but it feels long. And he will be starting middle school this year. Scary! But I know he will do well and he is looking forward to another year of dance!

So, today is Treasury Tuesday! Since we are smack dab in the middle of NFL preseason, I needed to find some wonderful football gifts.

Handmade Houstan Texans symbol large button earrings
  • Texas A&M Gig Em Aggies Deco Mesh Wreath
  • NFL Steelers Black and Yellow Tutu & Shirt Set with Detachable Hair Bow  24M
  • Children's Nursery Art Teddy Bear Print UCLA Bruins Football 8 x 10
  • 3 Kansas City Chiefs Mosaics plus bonus
  • Green Bay Packers nesting doll matryoshka 5 pc - free shipping
  • Kentucky Wildcats  "State Heart" wall art, handcrafted wood with official team colors
  • Crystal Football Earrings with Tigers
  • Washington Redskins iPhone 4 Case, iPhone 4 Cover, iPhone 4s Cover, iPhone 4s Case
  • Ohio State necklace with OSU letters . .. Long ... faux pearls
  • MN VIKINGS (a1) Bottle Cap Images 4x6 Bottlecap Collage Scrapbooking Jewelry Hairbow Center
  • LET'S PLAY Some FOOTBALL Baby Hat /0 - 3 months (Ready to Ship)
  • Football Print Custom- Personalized Coach'sGift- Boys Room Decor Poster Print - 11 x 14
  • little sister football custom shirt
  • I Have No Life, My Son Plays Football Hot Fix Iron On Rhinestone Transfer
  • Girly Football Pettilegs Ruffled Legwarmers - U Pick Ruffle Color
    Hoping for Sales

    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    So You Think You Can Dance Impressions

    OMG! Last night's SYTYCD was dedicated to past performances choreographed by Mia Michaels. It was a treat to see new versions of these wonderful and Emmy winning dances. One of my favorites is Addiction, danced to Gravity by Sara Barielles. Cole and Lindsey performed this dance and I just have to say that I had goosebumps. You can view the dance here:

    Cole was phenomenal in this dance. His cold, uncaring depiction of addiction was spot on. I will go back and watch this over and over again.

    Next week starts the Top Ten performing with All-Stars. I can't wait to see if Neil is coming back. He is my favorite by far.

    Hoping for Sales

    **If you are looking for my Thrifty Thursday post, I will post that later today**

    Wednesday, August 15, 2012

    Treasury - Go On and Take a Bow

    Go On and Take a Bow

    These are wonderful bows I found on Etsy and created a treasury just for them.

    Monday, August 13, 2012

    Brand New Monday

    Happy Monday, friends. Hope you had a good weekend. Mine - not so much. I am having issues with the ex-husband. Drama, drama, drama.

    I am excited with the re-vamping of the shop. Tweaking product descriptions and photos. Can't wait until I receive my flip-flops in the mail. I will then proceed to take apart all of the ones I have made, then I will take new pictures. I'm getting better each time!

    So, today is brand new Monday. This is where I like to scan through the Etsy listings and find truly new listings - not ones that have been renewed.

    My first find is this beauty from Lovin Care Handmade ( - This picture makes me want to curl up with it and sleep. Any baby will be lucky to have this as their cuddle blanket.

    Crochet Baby Boy Crib Blanket in Cream and Baby Blue

    Continuing with the baby theme, we have this listing of pick any 3 tie onesies from Momma Loves Baby Your special little man will look so sharp with this onesie (have you ever tried putting a tie on a baby??)

    Pick Any 3 Tot Tie Onesie or Toddler Shirt for 42 Dollars - photo prop - wedding - school - baby shower

    As always, I love promoting handmade products. If you have something you would like me to promote, drop me a line.

    Hoping for sales.

    Friday, August 10, 2012

    It's Friday!!!

    Happy Friday, friends. Don't know about you, but the only thing that got me out of bed today was the fact that I get to sleep in tomorrow and Sunday.  Woke up a little chilled (I had left the window open in my bedroom) and had to wear long sleeves on my morning walk. Definitely prefer this weather to the hot, humid weather we had this summer.

    So what are you doing this weekend? Myself, yard work tomorrow. Then I have to work on the pair of Flip-Furs for my giveaway winner, Paige.

    So, I wrote how I was experimenting with different insides for my Flip-Furs and had found a solution. Well, I found a wholesaler and once my shipment arrives, I will be working on tearing apart all of my finished pairs and redoing them with the new soles. Now, I just have to find a spot for all these flip-flops. :)

    That being said, there will be a number of changes to the shop, including how I size everything. And since I don't have to use the plastic canvas anymore, I will be looking for fun and fresh ways to use it. Suggestions are always welcome.

    Christmas only a few months away. I will also be working on my own stocking in between orders. I am cross-stitching a stocking and we will see if I can sew it together myself, or if I will need my mom to sew it. Have you ever seen me try to sew on a button? Not a pretty picture. But, surprisingly, I can cross-stitch and I was able to sew together wrist and ankle bands for my son's hip-hop costume last year. Go figure.

    Watched my beloved Packers lose last night during the preseason game. Not worried yet - Rodgers was only out for a couple possessions. Very interested to see how things work without Ryan Grant. And we have a new back-up QBs in the mix - BJ Coleman and Graham Harrell. Good luck to Matt Flynn with the Seahawks.  We lost. We had a few bad moments. All in all, though, nothing is set in stone until the 1st game.

    Congrats to Shannon Eastin in making history last night by being the first female NFL official. She was right in there, throwing and making calls. She did a great job. Let's hope, though, that the labor dispute with the regular officials gets resolved before the season opener.

    Tonight I will be watching the Vikings play.  And working on stuff. Getting ready for the boy to come home. I miss him something fierce whenever he is gone. Next week I will be signing him up for dance. Life is good. Only dancing 3 nights this year.

    Well, that's all for me, friends. I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend.

    Hoping for Sales

    Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Thrifty Thursday

    It's Thrifty Thursday today! Which means I will be listing some sales on Etsy. Who knows? Maybe you could start your Christmas shopping now.

    The first sale I came across is an End of Summer Sale at Girl Sew Cute ( Use Coupon Code SUMMER2012 for 10% off. Ashleigh makes beautiful jewelry.

    Chic Black Leather Bracelet With Rivets and Chains-SALE

    This lovely bracelet is on sale at A Cute Cute ( Vanessa makes other wonderful leather bracelets and cuffs.

    Looks like It's the Small Things is having a shop-wide 10% off sale ( through August 30. Diane makes crayon rolls, play food, toys, party favors, and more.

    Sale 35% OFF Yellow Earrings and Gold Tone Stunning Chandelier earrings WAS 55.00 NOW 35.75

    These lovelies are 35% off at GlamDezign (

    SALE 20% OFF Hot Pink Light Pink Pettiskirt Available in Sizes 10mos - 8yrs old

    How about this little darling for your princess? Mookie Moo Boutique has this beauty 20% off (

    Hope these tickle your fancy for some early Christmas shopping.

    Hoping for Sales

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    Hump Day!

    Happy Hump Day everyone! As my brother always says, today is the day you go up to a random stranger and hump their leg. Yeeaaaahhhhh, no. The work week is half over. Time to start thinking about the weekend.

    So yesterday I posted that I was trying out my Flip-Furs at work. I was not happy with the result. I am one of those people how prefers a stable shoe, not a floppy shoe. So, I spent most of the day and evening thinking of how to improve my Flip-Furs to give them a stable sole. Flip-Flop soles. Just take off the plastic thong part. Yes, flip-flops aren't the greatest for your feet and body, but they will solve my problem. So, I took apart the pair I had worn yesterday and crocheted in a flip-flop sole. Soooo much better. Need to work on the uppers a little bit to get them tighter, but all in all, I think I have a much better product for my customers. Don't worry, prices will not change.

    Feeling good about myself and the diet I am currently on. I have steadily lost weight and I am down 7.2 pounds after 2 weeks. Of course most of it is water weight, but I am walking at least twice a day for 45 minutes total. I might start sneaking in a lunchtime walk, too. Just enough to burn calories without making too much muscle. I know, muscle burns calories too. I will concentrate on building muscle when I start toning.

    Well, that's all for now, folks.

    Hoping for Sales

    Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    Treasury Tuesday

    Happy Tuesday! Today, I decided to do something that I've never done before - I wore a pair of my Flip-Furs to work. I probably should have tried out my own product before I started selling them. Silly me. Oh well. I can already forsee some changes that will be coming, but all in all, they are comfortable. I took a picture with my phone. You get to see a picture of my ugly toes. At least they are polished.

    I decided that I was going to put making new colors on hold for a little while. I am currently making myself a Christmas stocking. Cross-Stitching it, actually. I made one for my son years ago and I would like one to match. My childhood stocking will go in my memory box. I'll post pictures of the 2 stockings when I'm done. I've already had a gal at work ask if I would make her one. Sure!!!! I'll cross-stitch a stocking for you. I have no problems as long as you are willing to pay. I just have to time how long this one takes so I can put up an Etsy listing. :) Always thinking.

    So, today is Treasury Tuesday, and I thought I would make a treasury of items from my friends at the Handmade Circle team on Etsy. I have chosen items that were listed in August.  Enjoy!

    Free Shipping Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Lacy Lady Shawl Christmas Gift Warm Soft Machine Washable
  • Christmas Hearth Scented Double Wicked Soy Candle in Apothecary Jar
  • Black Orange Fower Hanging Ornament
  • Mix and Mingle charms - pack European/pandora glass charms
  • Recipe Box, Wedding Recipe Box, 4x6 Recipe Box, Hydrangeas, Custom Recipe Box, Housewarming Gift, Decorative Wood Box, Personalized
  • Christmas table topper, mini quilt, trip around the world
  • Orange and Blue Headband, University of Texas San Antonio, UTSA, Florida Gators, Syracuse
  • Handmade Wedding Card - Vintage Style Card for Wedding - Victorian Wedding Card
  • A tiny cube Japanese pouch/kinchaku with double drawstring
  • Any 3 Paper Rosette Mini Mixed Media Art Pieces-Your Choice
  • Brightly Colored Knit Afghan/ Throw in Pink, Yellow,Blues and Cream-  41 x 43 inches
  • Pink Flower hair, Bridesmaid hair accessory,  Bridal Fascinator,Flower puff clip
  • Crochet Kindle Sleeve, Kindle Case, Kindle Cover
  • White cotton crochet lariat necklace with beads
  • Waldorf Inspired Awake/Asleep Mini Dolls, Two Faced Doll, Flip Faced Doll, Pocket Doll, 2OAK

  • Now, I have no idea if my promoting helps anyone. So, if you are a fan and you have bought something I have featured, please leave a note. If you have been featured, and your views are up because of my little blog, let me know! I'd like to know if I am helping. 
    Tonight is Dance Moms - I can't wait! Nothing is better than crafting and watching a guilty pleasure. Unless it is watching football and crafting. Football starts on Thursday with preseason games. I can't wait to watch my boys in Green and Gold!  Let's break out the jerseys and war paint.
    Time to go. Things to do, people to see.
    Hoping for Sales