Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Middle School

So, my son starts middle school this year. I'm a little worried, I won't lie. He's smaller than a lot of his classmates, including the males. And it is a big school. He's walking across the school for a few classes. So, here's hoping for a good year.

He is excited, though. He gets to take Band, which will be a new experience, but is very popular in our school district. He will be playing the trombone. It is said a child who has band or music in his life excells more than a student who doesn't, because band helps a certain part of the brain process logical and analytical problems. Well, in that case, he should be doubly ahead of the curve because of dance. He's been dancing since he was 3 and loves it.

Orientation was a waste in my opinion, though. Of course, part of that might have been that we were at the make-up session, and none of the teachers were there. But, we got his schedule and locker assignment. The schedule is hard for a parent to read. How do they expect a child to read it? So, being the good mommy I am, I retyped his schedule. Part of the problem is he has Day 1 classes and day 2 classes. Some of them are the same, but some of them meet for 2 hours on day 1, but only 1 hour on day 2.

When we picked up his schedule, he wasn't in any of the advanced classes the district had said he would be in. So I went into the counselors office and my son's counselor is very nice and understanding. He double checked the records and changed the schedule. Everything is beautiful in the world.

So, this week, my son will be going to the middle school and practicing his schedule and locker combo. Next week school starts and dance starts and my life becomes hectically normal again. I hope to post a treasury later today. I am also carefully going through the my listings and tweaking them. Hoping to get more views at least. Really hoping for sales.

Hoping for Sales

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