Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Today, I decided to do something that I've never done before - I wore a pair of my Flip-Furs to work. I probably should have tried out my own product before I started selling them. Silly me. Oh well. I can already forsee some changes that will be coming, but all in all, they are comfortable. I took a picture with my phone. You get to see a picture of my ugly toes. At least they are polished.

I decided that I was going to put making new colors on hold for a little while. I am currently making myself a Christmas stocking. Cross-Stitching it, actually. I made one for my son years ago and I would like one to match. My childhood stocking will go in my memory box. I'll post pictures of the 2 stockings when I'm done. I've already had a gal at work ask if I would make her one. Sure!!!! I'll cross-stitch a stocking for you. I have no problems as long as you are willing to pay. I just have to time how long this one takes so I can put up an Etsy listing. :) Always thinking.

So, today is Treasury Tuesday, and I thought I would make a treasury of items from my friends at the Handmade Circle team on Etsy. I have chosen items that were listed in August.  Enjoy!

Free Shipping Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Lacy Lady Shawl Christmas Gift Warm Soft Machine Washable
  • Christmas Hearth Scented Double Wicked Soy Candle in Apothecary Jar
  • Black Orange Fower Hanging Ornament
  • Mix and Mingle charms - pack European/pandora glass charms
  • Recipe Box, Wedding Recipe Box, 4x6 Recipe Box, Hydrangeas, Custom Recipe Box, Housewarming Gift, Decorative Wood Box, Personalized
  • Christmas table topper, mini quilt, trip around the world
  • Orange and Blue Headband, University of Texas San Antonio, UTSA, Florida Gators, Syracuse
  • Handmade Wedding Card - Vintage Style Card for Wedding - Victorian Wedding Card
  • A tiny cube Japanese pouch/kinchaku with double drawstring
  • Any 3 Paper Rosette Mini Mixed Media Art Pieces-Your Choice
  • Brightly Colored Knit Afghan/ Throw in Pink, Yellow,Blues and Cream-  41 x 43 inches
  • Pink Flower hair, Bridesmaid hair accessory,  Bridal Fascinator,Flower puff clip
  • Crochet Kindle Sleeve, Kindle Case, Kindle Cover
  • White cotton crochet lariat necklace with beads
  • Waldorf Inspired Awake/Asleep Mini Dolls, Two Faced Doll, Flip Faced Doll, Pocket Doll, 2OAK

  • Now, I have no idea if my promoting helps anyone. So, if you are a fan and you have bought something I have featured, please leave a note. If you have been featured, and your views are up because of my little blog, let me know! I'd like to know if I am helping. 
    Tonight is Dance Moms - I can't wait! Nothing is better than crafting and watching a guilty pleasure. Unless it is watching football and crafting. Football starts on Thursday with preseason games. I can't wait to watch my boys in Green and Gold!  Let's break out the jerseys and war paint.
    Time to go. Things to do, people to see.
    Hoping for Sales


    1. Your new photos on your shop look fab :). Loving the new brighter backgrounds :)

      1. Thanks. Trying to figure out a few more brightly colored combinations.