Friday, August 3, 2012

No Friday Featured Seller

Okay, yesterday I said I was doing a featured seller blog today. Well, my artisan didn't get back to me in time. Oh well. I'll post hers as soon as I receive her email.

So, instead, you will get more of my ramblings. :) You are so excited, I can tell.

First of all, Happy Friday! The weekend is juuuuuust about here.  I will be cleaning and gardening this weekend. I know, I should treasure these weekends alone because soon I will be neck deep in activities and school. Bring it on!!!!

I did do something Etsy related today. I made a treasury. I belong to a team on Etsy that supports handmade products. We had a sign up for 17 people to make and be a part of treasuries. Make 1 treasury, be a part of 16. Sweet deal if you ask me. So here's mine:

Handmade love

A wide variety of objects for the viewing pleasure.
That's all for today, my lovelies. Have a safe weekend!
Hoping for Sales

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  1. Too bad about your featured seller but treasuries are always fun! Have a great weekend.