Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to the new home of Jen's Tangled Threads

I've decided to change homes for my blog. Nothing against Wordpress, but I just couldn't do a lot of things I wanted to. So, here I am. Plus Blogger hooks up directly with my Google+ account, so all is better.

I have been rather quiet over the past month. I was getting ready for a craft show, which was a flop, and then I was cleaning the apartment and concentrating on that rather than the blog and the shop. Well, all of that is done. The apartment is still not clean, but I will finish that this week and weekend.

I have a few goals for the month:

1. Blog every day, including weekends. I have been sluffing on the weekends, but since I have computer access at home, I might as well use it.

2. Create 10 new color combinations for Flip-Furs. That's roughly 2-3 a week. Entirely possible.

3. Be more active in Etsy. This month I have sluffed off and I need to be more active in the teams. This means, I'm looking for blogs who are willing to feature me as an artisan. Carson over at Scattered Designs ( did a very nice write up and I will be giving away a pair of Flip-Furs to the winner. She will also doing a product review of my Flip-Furs.

4. I need to lose weight. I am on a diet right now and I am walking every day. I have been on this diet for a week and I've lost 3 pounds. Words of encouragement are appreciated and welcomed. I would like to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month. This will put me on track to losing 30 pounds by my birthday.

Of course, I would like to continue to promote other Etsy shops, teammates and new items. Who knows? Maybe someday, it will come back around to me and I will get a sale. *crosses fingers*

Well, I'm off to explore Etsy and shut down the other blog. I won't shut it down completely, but I will post a link to the new home.


Hoping for Sales

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  1. Your goals sound very doable. I think I have a few of the same ones!