Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Mine was okay, but getting back to work today was difficult. My day started quite literally at about midnight when I woke up because it was too darn hot in my apartment. Dozed and kept waking up until the alarm sounded at 5. Yes, 5 am. Why? Because today, like every Tuesday and Wednesday this school year, I have to be at work at 7 in order to leave at 3 so I can bring my son to his dance classes at 4. Went for my walk, got the boy up for school and left the house to bring him to my friend's house so he could walk to school. Made up my mind that I wanted a cup of coffee because I was up too early. Halfway to Caribou - realized I forgot my cell phone at home. Went all the way home. By this time, I know I'm going to be late. Got the coffee, filled up the gas tank and made it to work 45 minutes late. Will have to take PTO. Not a big deal. But, the coffee I had made me jittery and upset the stomach. Why?? Because I hadn't had coffee since I started this diet. *sigh* This school year does not have a good start.

So, I've noticed that I don't have any followers on my blog. What's up with that? Seems you readers need a little incentive. Once I have 50 followers on my blog (or 50 sales from my shop, whichever comes first), I will host a giveaway. Don't know what I'm giving away yet. Maybe one of the projects I have in my head that I need to make. So, follow the blog! Buy something! I have 5 sales. Let's get that number up, folks. Okay, done with the shameless plug.

Since it is Treasury Tuesday, thought I would put together a treasury of sellers from my Busy Moms team.

Busy, Busy Moms

What do you think?
Well, here's hoping your kids have a great first day of school!


  1. Aw Jen! What a day!!! Love the blog. It looks beautiful. I'm your first of many many millions of followers!

  2. Thanks, Miri. Let's hope it gets better. Congrats on being the first!