Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday!!!

Okay, so Friday will be over in about 90 minutes. But I am sooooo glad today is Friday. This week has just been awful at work. I'm getting transitioned to a new position at work, and I'm training my replacement, who just doesn't understand how the department works. And, I found out that my immediate boss doesn't know what or how much I do every day.  Wow. Really? I have to train her in next week to do part of my job because my counterpart and my replacement don't have time to do it right now. ERRRRGGGHHHH! I don't know when I'm moving to my new desk in the other office. I'm sure I'm not even half trained in my new job, yet I'm expected to take over one of our biggest accounts. Really? Really?

It is stressful to say the least. I am so happy the weekend is here. I unwound with a couple glasses of wine and some fast food therapy. I'll pay for it, but I'm hoping this weekend I can get some calories burned so it won't make that big of a difference. Finished a hat and a ruffle scarf tonight - going to take pictures and list this weekend.

I realize that this spring/summer, I'm going to have to hit the garage sales and look for mannequin parts or a dressmaker's form. That way I can take better pictures. And I need to invest in some more poster board so I can have a better "light box". And a tripod. Definitely need a tripod. So, every penny I make off the shops will go in a jar. That jar will be my yarn expense account and hopefully my savings account  to buy the needed things. I suck at SEO, but maybe I can get better at taking pictures.

And I think this weekend I will rhinestone a pair of my son's jeans for this year's dance competition season.

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