Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughts on not being normal - medically speaking

I have accepted the fact that my body is not medically normal. When I was a child, I had the chicken pox 3 times. As a result, I am susceptible to getting shingles as an adult, which is potentially fatal. My son is not allowed to catch the chicken pox, which is why he has had the vaccine and the booster. And why I am vigilant in making sure my son is not near anyone who is contagious or in contact with someone who has chicken pox.

Now, I am not a hypochondriac by any means. People have thought that about me because of my insistence that there was something wrong with me for years with the joint and muscle pain. I was right - I have fibromyalgia.

I've seen the commercials about the shingle vaccine and often wonder if I should get it. I don't think I will for the fact that whenever I get the flu vaccine, I get sick. Now, the CDC says you cannot get sick from the vaccine. I disagree, which is why I don't get the flu shot. And I don't get the flu (knock on wood). So, if I get sick because of some weird immune system, I'm not taking the chance I will get shingles from this vaccine.

So, I don't get the flu shot. People at work say I'm irresponsible. But you know, I'm one of the few people who will stay home if I am feeling sick. I choose not to infect my co-workers. If only they would give me the same courtesy. I don't know how many times I have caught a cold from one of my co-workers. Stupid people.

Ah well.


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