Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings

So, I have a little bit of time right now to blog.

This weekend: a little crazy fun, a little cleaning. My apartment was atrocious! I couldn't find anything! Like flip-flops - took me forever to find the pair I wanted for a pair of Flip-Furs I was starting to re-do. Sorry, I cannot have my workspace messy. What I really need, is a 3rd bedroom for all my yarn, supplies and books! One of these days, right? Maybe if I can pay off my car loan early, I will get a bigger place. But, I'd want a place I can build bookshelves into the wall. Or drawers. Or maybe I'll just go to Ikea. :) I can have so much evil fun with Ikea! Of course, if I get my own place, I'd upgrade to a queen sized bed. With real drawer underneath the bed for linens. Oh, a girl can dream, can't she? While I'm dreaming, how about I dream about being able to sew? With my son's eye for color, I could make some gorgeous quilts. Of course, I'd also have to have a dressmaker's dummy and a mannequin for taking pictures. I'd probably build a small studio for taking pictures. Hell, if I can afford all this stuff, I can afford to pay a photographer to take pictures of my stuff, right? They can do all the touch-ups for me.

So, if I ever get married again, it has to be to a rich guy. One that understands my need for cleanliness and organization. Who understands that my crocheting is a hobby and a passion. And knows better than to talk during the movies or when I'm thoroughly engrossed in a book I've been waiting for years to read.

I know, the last one seems a given and just plain considerate, but I've had boyfriends who I have told I will be unavailable for the next few days while I devour a 1,000 page book because it just came out. Yes. 3 zeroes in that one. I like my books like I like my men and my spaghetti sauce - meaty! Then, the dumb boyfriend would call the first night. "Do you need a break?" No! I don't need a break. I took 2 days off work to read this book and you are going to interrupt me the first night? Of course, ideally, my guy would be reading the same book across the room and would know better. We would take turns getting food and drinks. I have it all planned out, naturally.

Speaking of the men in my life, my son is the sweetest child. I have this boy trained right. He cleans the bathroom, scoops kitty litter, and does the dishes. Folds and puts away his own laundry. Showers every night. And knows better than to interrupt me during a thick book unless it is time for food. He entertains himself. Lets me sleep in (he plays quietly). I am a very lucky mom. Doesn't question my organizational skills. In fact, he's a little OCD like myself - everything of his has its own place. Puts the movies back in their original alphabetical slot.

So, if you know of a single guy, 30s through 50s (won't go any younger - I'm in the midst of training one boy, don't need another), who doesn't mind a gal who is slightly nutty and offbeat, geeky, vertically challenged, with a child (I won't argue if he doesn't want any more - I remember midnight feedings), send him here. I'm a little different, because normal is boring.

Time to get ready to go home. Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week! I will keep dreaming about Mr. Right and my dream home. Did I say a 3 bedroom? I meant a 4 bedroom - need an office. Which can't be the craft room - no room for a desk.



  1. Hahaha! I love that you love your books like you love your men :) I've never taken time off work to read a new book, but I admire the passion! Here is to rich men, Ikea and learning how to sew *cheers*

  2. I've always liked big men. Football players (linebackers and Defensive ends, mind you). They don't have to be athletes, just have something more than skin and bones. But yes, give me a 1000 page book any day of the week.