Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday! Etsy Finds, NFL preview

Happy Friday, friends! Hope your week was better than mine. Okay, it wasn't too bad. Just today, I'm really grouchy. Like, don't bring your whiny children near me because I will yell. Don't know what it is. But, tomorrow I get to sleep in and work on this shawl all weekend. Hope some of you got to see the pictures. I was very frustrated last night because I couldn't find where I was dropping a stitch. Finally figured it out. After tearing out 20+ rows at least twice last night. It's the perfectionist in me.

Last night and today, I've been writing in my little notebook all these ideas I have, especially for dancewear or dance inspired gifts. I won't tell you now - you'll just have to wait until I have something I can take a picture of.

Sunday is the season opener for the Vikes and Packers. I'm really hoping that I get to see the Packers play. They play the late afternoon game. Please, football gods, let me watch my Packers!

So it is Friday, and it is time for Etsy Finds. But before I get started with that, I want to clue you guys into another website that advertises for us Etsy Sellers. It is Humbleville's Friday Carnival.  Check it out when you get the chance. Laura lists all the shops that have requested exposure according to different categories, like clothing, jewelry, home decor. This is her version of Friday Finds, but she doesn't go searching for items. We go to her.

In honor of the NFL starting this weekend, I've come up with a treasury of Friday Finds:

Friday Finds - Football!

Just a reminder that if you want a giveaway (maybe a pair of Flip-Furs), I need more followers. 50 followers or 50 sales or 50 donations. I'm not picky. We are up to 3 followers on the blog. Yay!
Have a great weekend and enjoy your football. I know I will!

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