Monday, September 10, 2012

Brand New Monday

Happy Monday, friends. Hope you had a good weekend. I spent Friday night at a booster club board meeting. Saturday night was spent with my two best girlfriends and their kids. I made taco hot dish and salsa. Then yesterday, I was in the recliner crocheting and watching football. The Vikings game was a nail biter, let me tell you. A 55 yard kick by the rookie sent the game into overtime, where the kid kicked a field goal to win the game. My beloved Packers lost, but I wasn't really paying attention to that game because I was trying to take pictures of the shawl I had finished.

The shawl turned out beautiful. I did list it on my Etsy shop, so if anyone would like one, I can make it again.

So, I will be undertaking a new adventure with my crafting. One of the booster members asked if I knew how to add Swavorsky crystals to dance jackets. I said no, but I am always willing to learn something new. So, I will be ordering some supplies on Friday after I get paid and will start doing that. So, if you have dance jackets, cheerleader jackets, figure skating jackets, gymnastics jackets, etc, I will be more than happy to bling you up. And I have ideas for dance moms t-shirts, but I can always do other sports with some bling. Show support for your student athlete.

I have a busy week planned. Tonight I have open house at the school. Tomorrow through Thursday is dance, with a booster club meeting on Wednesday. Friday will be my relaxing night. And of course I have a pile of Flip-Furs that need new insoles. The fun never ends. Once those are done, I will get started on making baby blankets and doilies and more Flip-Furs for the craft fair. All in between orders that I'm hoping I get.

So, today is Brand New Monday. One thing I do not like is that people can renew a listing multiple times a day to keep their product on the front page (wish I had that budget). So all these truly new listings get lost in the shuffle. So, I put together a treasury of truly new listings.

Brand New Monday

That's all for today. I am looking forward to tonight when I get to crawl back in bed. I'm tired!

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