Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends. Hope things are going well for you this week. Are the kids already sick of school? Hopefully not. Is your house a little quieter and under a little bit more control? I hope so. I know mine is. Well, okay, I've had a quiet house all summer. But, things are getting back to normal. Or as normal as things can be with me and my son.

Speaking of which, we were over at Mom's the other night looking at her vacation pictures. She went to Germany to visit the brother and brought home so much chocolate! I'm in chocolate heaven. Look at the beautiful bag she bought me! It is my new crochet bag that I will take to Dance.

Okay, it is upside down and I can't figure out how to make it right side up, but if you stand on your head, you will see that it has the wrappers of the different varieties of chocolate made by Ritter Sport.

Here's a picture of my newest project. A co-worker asked me to make a shawl for her sister. Check out the pretty purple colors.

Anyway, I was talking about looking at Mom's pictures. They went to Legoland, and Mom took pictures of a ton of Star Wars scenes made of Legos. My dear son could name all of them, what movie they were from, who was there.  The child is a bigger geek than I am already. *sniff* I'm so proud!

So today is Thrifty Thursday. I search through Etsy and find sales for you.

The first sale I found was Hook Yarn N Stinkers ( Amanda crochets adorable beanie hats for babies. She is having a sale through September.

Delightfully Done ( is having a sale on select items. Debbie makes beautiful necklaces and jewelry.

AKACreations3102 ( is having a summer sale. Use Coupon code SUMMER12 to receive 15% off your order. Jennifer makes camera strap covers, tissue holders, burp cloths and other great gift ideas.

MimsyBorogrove ( is having a 10% Jabberwocky sale on her jewelry. Mimsy describes her jewelry as Off beat, not off the wall. Use coupon code JABBERWOCKY at checkout to receive your discount.

Earlier this week I announced that I will be having a giveaway. Here's the trick: I want 50 followers or 50 total sales before I do the giveaway. I would also take 50 donations. If you look on the right, you can see a spot for you to donate to my blog.

Have a great day! We are heading for cooler temps in Minnesota. Finally. I was getting tired of all the heat. If you are in MN, I hear there is a craft fair in Little Falls this weekend. I won't be there, I will be working on the shawl. But go check it out and support your local artisans.



  1. I can't see any of your pictures. :(

    I love your story about your son naming all the Star Wars scenes at LegoLand. Mine will probably be pretty geeky too, and I'll love it!

    I'm off to check out those shops. I can't resist a sale.

    1. That's funny. I can see them. Hmmmmmm...

      What's funnier is that my geeky brother was sitting right behind him and smiling and nodding as my son was listing off everything. I think he was a little proud.