Thursday, June 13, 2013

Enjoying Vacation

I have been enjoying my vacation. I have been so stressed at work and with not getting many sales. *sigh*

But this week has been a stress-free zone. I finished the baby blanket for the gal at work, made 2 new ruffle scarves (and took pictures and listed them), and I'm sending out the scarves that were given away as prizes. I have to finish laundry and clean the apartment, then pack for this weekend.

My son leaves on Monday for his dad's so I need to plan out my summer to maximize promotion and creation. So, I think that every night I will work 1 hour on promotion (blog hops, facebook ladders, Facebook hops), and the rest of the night creating. Sometimes I get so stressed with work and dance that I forget to take time for myself for exercising and just plain creating.

So, I have to ask - I never have a summer vacation where I get the "I'm bored" from the child. He's always gone! How do you alleviate the summertime blues?

Happy Summer, Friends!

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