Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Terrific Tuesdays

I have to try and be positive right now. Today I am starting back up with the diet and exercise. My goal? 80 pounds.  It is going to be tough. Gaining is so much more fun than losing.

How was your Memorial Day? I spent it cutting up sheets. Why? Because I had a bright idea once to make rag rugs so I went out and bought a bunch of sheets. And Mom gave me a bunch of her old ones. When I say old, when I put it in the dryer, the elastic came apart. I'm almost done cutting them all up. Will finish tonight. Then winding them and find a place to store them. Until I get a chance to actually make some. Hopefully this summer before the craft season starts.

I was in the EZcraftshow chatroom all weekend. Very empty. But I learned of a woman who sells Ruffle Scarves on Facebook and she has a 6-8 week waitlist. Seriously? And she has over 16,000 fans. How do I get one of these? Seriously. How? So one of my tasks every night will be to work in the Etsy teams and join their Facebook circles. Unless someone has a better (and smarter) idea. I would love to sell on Facebook!

I was also thinking of starting a blog hop once I hit 100 followers. So, I need 2 things from my readers.

1. What day would you like to see the blog hop launched on? I know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of blog hops out there on any given day. They are fun, trust me. But what day would you like to have the blog hop on?

2. Who would like to co-host? I know that one of the keys is to have a variety of co-hosts to help merge followers. So, my followers would become your followers (hopefully) and vice versa.

You can email me your suggestions at jenstangledthreads@gmail.com or just comment below. I look forward to your responses.

Well, I'd better get back to work. Finding it very hard to concentrate on work right now. I want to go home and finish cutting up sheets so I can wind them, then get started on some creating.

And always, if you are looking for that gift for grad, dad or just because, check out the EZCraftShow. I have some great specials going on that are only available through the Craft Show. And go visit some of the other booths. I know they will appreciate the business.


  1. Hey Jen just popping by to return the favor for stopping by!

    new follower.


  2. Hi Jen found your blog through the Tuesday link up blog hop. I am now following hope you get chance to return the favour. Thank you :)

  3. sorry it took me forever to stop by from Aloha Blog hop! Love you blog...new follower! :)


  4. Hi Jen,

    Visiting from Sew Crafty Angel. Sounds like you have some major goals you're working on. Please stop by sometime and share how you're doing.

    Speaking of sharing, if you have time, how would you like to write a guest post?


  5. Hey!!! I'm stopping by from your visit from Craftastic Tuesday!

    I'd say a Friday hop?? I'm not sure!! It's too hard to chose which day! But I'd be here no matter the day!! Also, I'd love to co-host, so keep me in mind!!

    Kate @ Uniquely Undone