Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Never turn down an opportunity

This past weekend, I was at the Mall of America with my mom and son, and my mom's best friend and family to celebrate Mother's Day in our own way. We did the 5k Race for the Cure. Okay, it was walking, but we did 5K. Not only did we celebrate Mother's Day, but we celebrated Deb's 5 year cancerversary (as she puts it). 5 years after beating cancer. She is an amazing woman.

To celebrate, I made a bunch of my pink & white ruffle scarves for everyone who walked with us. I was told to make about 20 or so because we didn't know how many people were coming. So, I made 23. And I brought them all with me. Needless to say, I had a bunch left over that I could sell.

After the race, Josh and I were walking around the Mall and ended up at a booth inside that was selling Susan G. Komen gear. The ladies at this booth saw the scarves my son and I were wearing and asked who made them. I told them I did, and I sold 3 scarves on the spot. And got a card from one of the gals who has a little handmade gift boutique. I wish I had thought to bring my business cards with me. After all, I always have them in my purse, but I didn't have my purse with me, only my wallet.

Lesson learned: Always have business cards in your wallet.

Anyway, I've been having fun with ruffle yarn, waiting for a yarn order to come in for a baby blanket. I hope to be able to take some pictures this weekend of new colors and styles.

Oh, and if you want one of my pink and white ruffle scarves - I have them aplenty.


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