Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Productive Sunday

I have had a very productive day today. I finished all my open orders (just waiting for the puffy paint to dry).

I've also finished my backlog of listings. So proud of myself. Celebrating with a glass of wine. Oh, and I cooked supper tonight. Or rather, I made doctored-up spaghetti. 2 jars of my favorite sauces, add a pound and half of hamburger and some italian seasoning. Add in a loaf of garlic bread and 2 dozen spice muffins for breakfast this week. I think I will have to clean the apartment next weekend.

What to do, what to do next? I have ruffle yarn, some new patterns to play with. And, I'm entering in a partnership with a photographer to use my baby blankets as photography props.

This week I have a blog hop scheduled, and the 5K Walk for the Cure on Mother's Day.  And dance, of course. Always dance.

~Happy Crafting~

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