Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Perfectionist in Me

I am notorious for ripping out rows and rows in my crocheting when I find a mistake. It is the perfectionist in me. I dislike adding stitches unless the pattern calls for it. Even if I am halfway through a project, I can and have ripped out an entire project and started over.

The same is true for my knitting, but I can't just rip it out to the spot where I made the mistake. I am just not that good of a knitter yet. So, instead, I rip out the entire thing and start over.

I did this tonight. I was getting along good with this Dr. Who scarf for my customer. I made a mistake and I tried only ripping it to a point just past the mistake. Yeah, that didn't work so well. So I kept ripping until I started over.

What can I say? I'm a perfectionist in most aspects of my life. This means when you buy something from me, you know it is as perfect as I can make it. It might take me a little longer in some cases to finish the project, but that's the price I pay for who I am.

So, I've gotten some input for my giveaway to celebrate having 50 followers. I am going to give away a gift certificate worth $20 good towards the purchase of anything in my Etsy or Handmade Artists shop. Look for a Rafflecopter contest to come your way soon.

On another note - it is snowy and windy in Minnesota tonight. Drive safe my Minnesota friends.


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