Monday, February 18, 2013

Girlie weekend

This weekend was wonderfully relaxing and made me feel like a girl. Now, I'm not normally a gal who goes for the girlie stuff - manicure, pedicure, facial. Every once in awhile, I go for a massage and/or a facial. But, the funds just haven't been there until I got back my tax return this year. I got enough back that I was able to put some aside for Nationals and I had enough left from paying bills that I decided to pamper myself.

It started Friday night after work. I went to a salon that my girlfriend recommended. It was just by chance that her favorite stylist was there. Yes, it is in Walmart, but I loved the service there. I pretty much told the stylist, Whitney, that I was putting my hair in her hands and to have fun. She gave me a sort of inverted bob, which I had before. She loved my color. I had a great shampoo and conditioning treatment, then Whitney had fun with my hair. She even taught me how to use a flat iron so I could replicate what she was doing at home. Then I walked into the Walmart nail salon and got a pedicure and acrylic nails. Now, I am always hesitant to do the nails because I work with my hands. I type, I clean, I crochet. It is tough on nail color. But, I decided to do the white tips with clear acrylic over it so it looks like I have a French manicure. So far, the nails have held up. I am quite happy. I also got the car washed on the way home because I hate a dirty car.

Saturday continued the transformation. I had an eye appointment and ordered new glasses. I would love to have contacts, but I have an eye condition which makes it difficult. I contemplated coloring my hair before heading out to see the girls, but I didn't have enough root to make it seem worth it. In a few weeks, I'm sure. Then we had girls' night. I got together with my two best friends, dropped my son off at one of their houses for her older daughter to watch him, and we headed to Apple Valley. First, we stopped at Ulta, because of the my friends loves that store. I ended up buying some beauty products. We then went to Kohl's because I needed new work clothes, and I hate shopping by myself. They are honest and tell me what looks good and what doesn't.

After we shopped, we went out to dinner, then a movie, because none of us wanted to go home. Safe Haven is a great date movie. Sweet and romantic and I love Josh Duhamel. I would not kick that man out of bed for eating cookies.

Sunday, I had an appointment at my favorite spa for a facial and a massage. At the end, I added a shampoo and blow-dry because my hair felt gross afterwards. Don't get me wrong, I love scalp massages, but my hair doesn't.  And I still had some shopping to do.

Today, the office was closed, so I spent the day working on a new facial washcloth for myself and catching up on my favorite shows. Just a relaxing day after a weekend of pampering. Let's hope the week doesn't undo all the relaxing.

I will be hosting a giveaway in the very near future (as soon as I finish the product). This will be the start of a new line of products for me. So, if you are in need of a kitchen rug, stay tuned!

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