Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dance Moms make me want to scream!!!!

Okay - maybe just one today. This woman gives all the other moms at my son's studio a bad name. She is selfish and it seems she doesn't care one lick about her daughter being a productive member of society.

For the past 2 years I've had to listen to her complain about how her daughter has no time to do homework because she has skiing or soccer or basketball or volleyball in addition to dance. She over-schedules her daughter and son, then turns around and complains about it. Her big thing last year was the fact that her kids (who go to the private school in town) have to get up early in order to meet the bus and her kids are so tired they can't concentrate at school because they go to bed late because they are doing homework. Here's a thought: don't put your children in so many activities that they don't have time to do homework! Maybe cut back on the activities so your kids can learn something!

This is the same woman who chopped her daughter's hair and keeps it short because she doesn't have time to do her hair in the morning. Then, complains because she can't get her daughter's hair up for competition.  Every mom is told the optimum length her daughter's hair needs to be in order to be properly put up for competition.

This is the same woman who during our first year with fake hair couldn't be bothered to learn how to put the hair piece on her daughter and had me put it in every competition. And, who right before our 2nd year, said she wasn't going to boot camp to learn how to do her daughter's hair because I would be there to do it for her, even though my son wasn't in that particular dance. I told her that I wouldn't since my son doesn't dance on the jazz line. She gave me a dirty look. Oh well.

She didn't show up to boot camp again this year. Too busy.

Her thing this year is that she yells at her daughter for losing her new dance shoes and can't remember to pack up her stuff properly. Well, if you wouldn't do everything for your daughter and make her take responsibility for her stuff, she would learn that she needs to pack it up every night after dance. I have not been responsible for my son's dance stuff (except for packing his competition kit before the first competition) since he started competition. He takes care of his stuff. He makes sure he has dance clothes packed in his backpack before we leave in the morning. If he forgets and I have to go home to get him stuff - he owes me 10 pushups. He knows that if he doesn't do his homework, he doesn't get privileges. If you tell your child if she loses her shoes, she buys the replacements - stick to it! Make her do extra chores to pay for those shoes.

Tonight really pushed my buttons. I walk into the studio and I see mom sitting at one table, daughter sitting at another, still in school clothes, working on homework. Watching her friends dance. Mom told daughter she cannot go into dance until she gets her math homework done, even though it is already late and the daughter has already had a test on the material and failed the test. Mom finally sits next to daughter and is attempting (and failing) to explain the material to her. The poor girl is crying. One of the other moms tries explaining it. The mom doesn't understand the material. The daughter is getting more and more frustrated because she doesn't understand.

I go over and look over the material. Fractions. Not hard stuff. So, I put myself in between mother and daughter and I break the first problem down into little steps. Daughter is catching on. Mom interjects and says "I don't know how that works - how is she? She isn't getting it." Which is just destroying this girl's confidence, even though she is understanding and doing every little piece I give her. She understands it, but doesn't want to speak up to her mother. Her mother believes she can't do it, so she believes she can't do it.  I want to throttle the woman. And all the while, she is going on about how the teacher isn't earning her paycheck because her daughter doesn't understand math and isn't that what she's paying for? How she was never good at math and how she doesn't have the time to do the online tutorials to learn what her daughter is learning in order to help her with her homework.

If you were any sort of mother - you would find a way to help your daughter. Hire a tutor. Talk to the teacher and ask for extra help instead of giving up on your daughter.

Okay, I'm done now. I feel better.

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