Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Friday! Skittles Vodka recipe

I am so happy today is Friday. Not just because of the weekend, but because I have nowhere to be this weekend except home! And I plan on keeping it that way. I have a list of things I would love to do for my craft fairs starting up. Oh, and of course, supposedly an extra hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings Time, but in all honesty, I'm going to use that hour to craft.

First order of business will be to cut more tulle and make beautiful scrubbies. If the light is right this weekend, I will take pictures and post them. Seriously, these things are tough, but you can use them on anything. The one Josh has been using to wash dishes has lasted at least 3 years. That's pretty good for anything that is used every day. Of course, it looks pretty sad right now, and is starting to fall apart, but still.

Once that is done, I'll be working on the baby blanket I've been working on during dance. It is so pretty. Pinks and purples and white.

So, talk on Etsy has been about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I've thought about it, and I will be participating. How much will you be getting off everything? That's a secret. I'll announce that on Wednesday, November 21. So, make sure you are friends with me on Facebook and Twitter. @JTangledThreads or

Okay, I promised a fun way to use your leftover candy. Skittles anyone? Here is a recipe for Skittles Vodka I found on

And so we give you Skittles-flavored vodka. It’s easy as pie (or pie-flavored vodka).

1 1.75 liter bottle vodka (please don’t ruin a bottle of Grey Goose on this project)
About 20 ounces of Skittles

Remember you can adjust this recipe depending on how many Skittles you have ... only 10 ounces of Skittles? Just use about half the bottle of vodka.

Separate the Skittles by color into five large containers or bottles with lids.

Divide the bottle of vodka evenly five ways and pour over the Skittles.

Secure lid and shake vodka/Skittles concoctions.

Let sit overnight or until all the candy is dissolved into the vodka. Give it a couple shakes to help the process along.

When you’re done you’ll have five brightly colored bottles and an excuse to knock back a few shots without the embarrassment of sounding like a tipsy coed imploring the bartender to “make something fruity!”

Never one to take the lazy way out of reporting, News Lifestyle Editor Danielle Haynes and Managing Editor Eric DuVall set out to get some firsthand knowledge of this story. Consensus after tasting all the flavors was that the lemon and lime Skittles made the best flavored vodka. Don’t let the bright colors fool you. Taken as a chilled shot, the Skittles-flavored vodka packs a punch. It is, after all, still pure vodka and though the Skittles sugary flavor lingers on the tongue, there’s no mistaking the strong taste of alcohol often lacking in those super-sweet distilled offerings at the liquor store.
Used in a drink, we found lemon-lime soda (we used Sprite) was the most natural mixer. For those looking to cut the sweetness, club soda and a twist of lemon also makes for a decent option.
Come next week when the mere idea of eating one more piece of candy induces a diabetic coma, Skittles-infused vodka might be just what the doctor (or dentist) ordered.

— Adapted from

There you go, my friends. Of course, don't drink if you are under 21 and don't drink and drive. Drink responsibly.


  1. That is interesting there is a skittles drink, does it taste like skittles... will have to try it out, thanks for sharing and cant want for your black friday sale :)

    1. I've never tried it. Most of my vodka gets mixed in soda.